11 October 2016 – Infineon strengthens leading position in automated driving through acquisition of Innoluce BV. Further information is available at www.infineon.com


Innoluce’s platform of solid state laser scanning modules, based on unique resonant 1D MEMS mirror technology and integrated ASIC, provides different functions to enable a wide range of applications.

Innoluce 1D MEMS mirrors

Innoluce’s patented 1D MEMS mirrors are built from silicon with the freedom to modify the mirror diameter and the frequency while maintaining optical performance.

Choice for 1D over 2D

The core of the laser scanning module is a patented resonant single-axis MEMS mirror providing unmatched accuracy and robustness built on a design philosophy for volume manufacturing.


Innoluce’s laser scanning modules enable a wide range of applications. Some key applications are in the automotive and medical markets.

Automotive LIDAR


LIDAR is crucial for the success of ADAS and autonomous driving by enabling full detection of the car’s surroundings with all relevant objects. Innoluce’s solid state laser scanning modules are a critical LIDAR component in enabling long range (>200 meter), high resolution (<0.1°), solid state automotive LIDAR for a price point below US$100.

Smart head light


In the pursuit of making driving at night as safe as during the day, smart head lighting based on laser light dramatically improves the safety by giving the driver the best possible visibility and guidance under all driving and weather conditions. Innoluce’s solid state laser scanning modules provide the robustness and performance required for smart head lighting.


Innoluce has a range of 1D MEMS mirrors available.

Based on the flexibility in the design space of the MEMS mirrors, specific MEMS mirrors and laser scanning modules can be developed for your application.


The design space of the Innoluce 1D MEMS mirrors provides the freedom to modify the frequency, diameter and tilt angle applicable to a range of applications. The current product portfolio consists of different types of MEMS mirrors with different characteristics.

The MEMS mirror technology of Innoluce meets the highly demanding automotive requirements on temperature and vibrations. Temperature stability tests show less than 0.5% frequency change over the full automotive operating temperature range. Even in the the most severe vibration tests, the frequency variation remains below 0.5%.

LASER SCANNING MODULE (35.5 mm x 35 mm)

An Innoluce laser scanning module is a plug and play customer specific configuration containing a MEMS mirror with an ASIC to control and drive the MEMS.


Innoluce’s probe is a laser scanning module with a focal distance of 11 mm, which can be integrated in a flexible catheter with an outside diameter of 2.5 mm. The tip of the probe contains the unique ultra small MEMS mirror technology of Innoluce. An ASIC to control and drive the MEMS mirror is integrated in the probe.

DEVELOPMENT BOARD (35.5 mm x 35 mm)


The people at Innoluce are passionate about deploying laser scanning technology in a wide range of applications to fundamentally improve the quality of life


Innoluce, founded in 2010 as an entrepreneurial spin-off of Royal Philips, is a leading innovator and supplier of miniature laser scanning modules based on a technology platform incorporating both fast and slow MEMS mirrors and a controlling ASIC. The core of the laser scanning module is a patented resonant single axis Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) mirror, providing unmatched accuracy and robustness. The Innoluce MEMS mirrors are built from silicon, enabling millimeter sized mirrors.

Innoluce has been fully acquired by Infineon in October 2016.


Marijn van Os

Marijn van Os

CEO & founder

Before founding Innoluce in 2010, Marijn van Os worked at Philips in several positions. During this period he was responsible for starting and running a new CRT factory in the Czech Republic. In his last position at Philips, he was development manager at Philips Applied Technologies. In this position he managed a group of engineers responsible for the laser projection program.

Diederik van Lierop

Diederik van Lierop

CTO & founder

Diederik van Lierop worked at Philips Applied Technologies for ten years in the capacity of project manager and system architect in the field of MEMS and mechatronics. After founding Innoluce, he was responsible for the design of the MEMS mirrors, definition flow, outsourcing the production and validating the MEMS samples.

Erik Wilbrink

Erik Wilbrink


Before joining Innoluce at the beginning of 2015, Erik Wilbrink was VP Sales & Marketing and member of the management team of Xsens, a leading innovator in MEMS based 3D motion tracking technology and products, which was acquired by Fairchild Semiconductor in 2014. He has more than 25 years experience in the ICT industry, working in various commercial management positions at international operating companies mostly related to the high-tech industry.

Harry Diepenmaat

Harry Diepenmaat

Advisor & founder

Harry Diepenmaat has over 30 years experience in the IC business. He is owner of the Dieco Electronics Group. Harry joined Bruco (now part of the Deico Electronics Group), a fab-less mixed signal IC design company in 1998 accepting the Managing Director position in 2001. He was one of the driving forces in IC development and power management systems for Philips oscilloscopes and Fluke ScopeMeter products. Prior to be one of the seed investors in GreenPeak B.V, he was co-founder and business angel for JIS Nederland BV. In 2012 he became Advisor to the Board of Directors at GreenPeak. Harry is co-founder and Board member of the Business Cluster Semiconductors East Netherlands.



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